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Marvinbettamax Story:
He's Fishy a fighter and a cool pet that likes to swim around in the Vines and sleep on the Leave's.It's a Blue VeilTail Betta Fighting Fish named Marvin.
In June 2013 I have my Copyrights Registered and im the Owner,im the creator
ive been the Owner.The Lastest D.Mccullough Copyright.
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©2013 D.Mccullough to Tundra Park Christmas Rock Music.
Tundra Park rides with the Holiday Season 2012 and please do enjoy the Holiday Season when you open your eyes to the gifts of 100% All Original Pigmydmm Music .

Awesome Always 100% All Original Music Created by Pigmydmm Sole owner of all music
I used a Behringer GMX 2x10 Amp for all Music for my Song and a Bugera 1960.
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The Bigot
©2013 D.Mccullough
The Bigot 5